Outdoors Family Summer Vacation Ideas

When summertime rolls around and you need to start planning a vacation for the whole family, it can be tough to come up with ideas.  Obviously each member of the family has their own interests and wants, from pontooning to 4×4 activities, making it hard to decide on one vacation spot.  Thankfully, though, if your family is the outdoorsy type there are 4 different summer vacation ideas that are perfect for each member.

Check them out below:
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1. Glamping 

When most people picture camping, they think about getting a bad night’s sleep on the rocky floor of a tent.  However, that’s not always the case anymore thanks to glamping.  With family glamping, you can actually sleep close to the stars, while snuggling up with high thread count sheets.  In particular, there is a funky campground with a “nomadic hotel” feel out in Marfa, TX.  This glamping location is home to vintage trailers, yurts and teepees.  Glamping allows you and your family to still be one with nature while lounging in comfortable hammocks and mansion trailers.  Camping is now glamorous.

2. Yoga Center

Many times adults love to get a good yoga session in during their vacation away from home.  However, on a family vacation, the kids can’t be left behind.  No worries, there is always the option of a family-friendly yoga center.  At one of these centers, you don’t have to choose between getting your yoga workout in and spending time with your family.  Instead, you can do both.  Not only can you take part in some “self-care”, but the kids can learn and discover all the benefits of yoga.  Plus, yoga is always fun.  There is a great yoga center called the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA that focuses on the whole family.  At the Kripalu Center, there are yoga massage, juggling, tightwire and other fun activities to take part in.

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3. Surfing

If you and your loved ones want to hit the waves, a family surfing trip is the way to go.  Even if you’re all beginners, that is not a problem.  There are organized surf outfits that make it easy for everyone in the family to learn together.  One of the best family surf outfits was Paskowitz.  It was actually the first family surf outfit and was named after its founder Dr. Dorian Paskowitz. Dr. Paskowitz gave up his routine to instead pursue a life filled with only surfing.  Since then, the Paskowitz surf outfit is still in business and now it’s Dr. Paskowitz’s children teaching families how to surf in San Clemente,CA.

4. Dude Ranch

For those times you and your family want to experience, trail rides, cookouts and campfires, you need to venture out to a dude ranch.  There are various well-managed family dude ranches around the nation that can make you feel like your back home on the ranch.  All you have to do is put on your favorite pair of dusty boots.  In particular, right in Bandera, TX you will find the Dixie Dude.  There, families can trail ride through all the bluebonnets together.  From there, kids can enjoy the game room while the parents take in a nice spa treatment.  Of course at night, there are a number of after-dinner entertainment options like trick roping and cowboy storytelling.


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