Music Adds Energy To Family Workouts

Summer is here and it is now much harder to go to the gym and keep in line with your regular workout schedule.  In order to stay in shape over the summer months, you need to find ways to involve your family in your workouts in order to fit your workout time into your hectic summer schedule.

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When is the last time you invited your child to workout alongside you?  Come up with a fun workout for you and your child to do throughout the week.  The workout could be as simple as a family bike ride, a jog around the block, family exercise class,  time spent on workout machines at the gym, an outdoor game such as basketball or simple floor exercises at home.  Do you normally exercise to music?  Music definitely passes the time by quicker and adds extra energy to your workout!  One of the things I love the most about my hour group workouts at the gym, is the great music that plays throughout the workout session.  If I can’t make it to the gym and choose to go for a jog instead, I have my music playing as soon as I step out of the driveway.

If your kids are crazy like mine, they will have lots of fun just dancing along to some music.  Dancing can also be a great form of exercise for them.  My youngest son loves to turn on the music and channel and sing and dance in the living room.  You could even play a freeze dance exercise game where you play music and everyone does an exercise of their choice while the music is playing but once the music stops, they have to freeze until the music starts back up again!  Can you imagine being frozen into a plank or even a low wall-sit?  Have fun with this, your kids will love spending the time working out with you.

I love finding ways to keep my kids interested in health and fitness.  What are some ways you keep your kids moving? My boys and I all wear Fitbits and we compete with each other for daily / weekly steps.  Do you currently play any games with your child in order to drive their competitive spirit?  I can always use some new tips and pointers in that category!  Have you made up any fun and healthy recipes?  Share them in the comment section!

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