App Review: CagoMama

Are you a frequent traveler to new places that you are not familiar with?  If so, the free app CagoMama is perfect for you.  With this app, you are able to send your secure location via text message to certain contacts in your phone.  I tested this out myself with a friend, and it is very accurate.  She lives in a different state but she was able to find out where I was with a simple press of a button.


When you download CagoMama (Click here to download it on Google Play for android devices or click here to download it from the iTunes store for Apple devices) you do not need to register for an account.  I don’t know about you, but I love that.  It can be a hassle to have so many accounts for every app you own and this one takes the hassle out.  As soon as you download the CagoMama app, you can add trusted contacts to your list and when a trusted contact calls you, CagoMama automatically sends that contact a text message with your location.  You can add and delete trusted contacts whenever you want, as often as you want.  You can also send your location to anyone in your phonebook by clicking on his or her name.  You have the option to send them a short message with your location as well.  This short message can be up to 40 (forty) characters.


Usually with an app that works with location services, our information is uploaded to a server or a cloud – not with CagoMama!  Your information never actually leaves your device, except for in the text message to your friend or family member!  Please note that location services must be enabled to use CagoMama.  The company actually suggests that you use “high accuracy” mode with your Andriod device for best results.

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