A Detailed Review for FamilyTime: Specs, Price and More…

Today, working moms are increasingly suffering from the anxiety and stress. The fear of ignoring the children and inability to share their problems is causing depression and sleep deprivation among the working mommies. But digital parenting apps are fast becoming an effective solution to this problem.  Read my review for FamilyTime app, as it might appeal to you in laying your stress to rest!

FamilyTime- A handy monitoring app

FamilyTime is a practical and flexible parental control with some specs which can empower parents in ensuring their child safety and help them connect better with their children. No matter if you are at home or at work, you can monitor and manage where they are roaming about, what they are doing on the Web and on their smartphones.


Registration and activation

Getting started with the app isn’t tough. You just have to register as parent and log into your FamilyTime account. Then you can download the app on your child’s phone and activate it with the app-generated code. After pairing both of the accounts, you can stay in touch with him all the time. It has two versions: the FamilyTime –Dashboard which is the parent’s online portal from where they can view and manage and the other version is the FamilyTime app for children. Both the apps are self-explanatory so you will not find it hard to use it.

Price and packages

FamilyTime – Dashboard is free for parents- no charges for that or for downloading the FamilyTime – Dashboard app for iPhones and Android phones and tabs. Parents can download the FamilyTime – Dashboard on their own phones from these buttons or from the Google Play and iTunes app store:


For the FamilyTime app for children, you can use free trial with limited specs or if you want to use it at its best, you can select FamilyTime Premium. FamilyTime Premium package has options for monthly, quarterly and yearly modules. After using the 15-days free trial, you can upgrade to FamilyTime Premium and enjoy all the functions and features uninterrupted.

How can it help you with raising teens?

You can use a variety of features, depending on your parental concerns. It’s quite feature-rich app as it covers location tracking, mobile monitoring and online monitoring aspects quite effectively.

Monitor Web behavior

Browsing history

Keep an eye on which URLs they searched for and stay updated with their entire Web behavior.


Keep a check on their bookmarks and favorites, any time.

web history

Monitor mobile logs


Keep an eye on all of the contacts along with details.

Call logs

Monitor the call logs along with time and date stamps.

Watchlist Contacts

Watchlist any suspicious or questionable contact and get alert if they contact your child or vice versa.

Screen locks

Put screen locks to avoid the smartphone usage at inappropriate hours.

Monitor location

Location history

Keep tabs on where they have been all day long with time and date stamps.



Add suspicious places to Places list and receive alerts if they enter or exit those locations.

Auto check-ins and check-outs

Get auto alerts and stay in the know about their location 24/7.

What’s in it for children?

It’s not solely meant for parents, your children can also get in touch with you smartly. Your child can also send you:

  • SOS alerts to inform you about any emergency or panic situation, even if you are at office, and you can trace their exact location within seconds.
  • PickMeUp alerts and avoid any mismanagement of time and stay updated when it’s time to pick-them-up.
  • pick_me_up

FamilyTime – complete parenting solution!

As we are searching for the gadgets to help us out and make our everyday life easier, we have to give a shot to parental monitoring apps for sharing our parenting burden. No matter, you are at work or at home; you can stay in touch with your children and they can feel relaxed because they know you’d be right there for them in need! The reason why I write review for FamilyTime is to generate awareness and let parents know about viable parenting apps. Let me know how you liked my review and stay tuned for more cool stuff and reviews!

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