Thank Goodness I Read A De-Cluttering Book!

Closet Clutter 2

Does this bedroom closet look familiar to you?  My closet keeps getting worse and worse as time goes by.  I have boxes of items that have no place to be stored so I keep them in the guest room.  When guests are coming, those extra boxes always get hidden in my closet and this happens!  My problem is that I hate to part with anything in thoughts that I may need it later.  See the boxes at the top of my closet?  I sold Avon 13 years ago and have kept those boxes full of non-fitting, non-seasonal clothing since then.  That has been my main clothing organization and evidently it is not working!

Donation Bag

I have always donated clothing, but on a small scale as seen above.  I always keep a donation bag in my closet and when I feel that I can part with something, I place it in the bag.  It is evident by looking at my closet that I need more help than a single donation bag, but truth be told, there is so much clutter that I really didn’t know how or where to start so I just ignored the problem.

One day I was running through my Facebook feed and I saw where a friend of mine was de-cluttering her house.  She mentioned that her husband said that the book she read had been a great idea.  The next day I saw her post about her upcoming yard sale and everything she had cleared out of her house since her de-cluttering began.  I contacted her for the name of the book and my de-cluttering journey began that day!  The name of the book is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.  It is about 200 pages long and very easy and quick to read.  It is set up in two sections:  De-cluttering and Organizing.  I read the de-cluttering section in one afternoon and the next day I hit the closet full speed at 6 am.

Declutter Closet

The book said to only keep things that brought you happiness.  I know that I have tons of clothes that don’t bring me happiness, but like I said before, I find it very hard to part with items.  Above you will see all my clothing from the closet. I picked up each piece of clothing and decided to keep it or to place it in the donation pile.  I had everything from clothing I wore 17 years ago when I taught school, clothing that didn’t fit, to oversize nightgowns I used for my hospital surgery stay from 3 years ago.  This was very hard for me at first.  I would place an item in the donation pile to find myself digging it back out minutes later.  So I started a third pile of clothing for a neighbor and knowing that she would enjoy my clothing helped me throw more items away.

Decluttering Clothing On Bed

The empty boxes that you see on my bed had all been full and came from the top of my bedroom closet.  I am getting ready to renovate my kitchen so these boxes will all come in handy when it is time to pack up my kitchen so the renovation can begin.  Once my kitchen is done and everything is back in place, these boxes are history!  My closet de-cluttering is not finished, but it is definitely off to a good start.  I was able to haul out 8 full size garbage bags of donations from my clothing alone.  It took me two and a half hours to do this.  My eight year old woke up and found me in the middle of the mess and couldn’t wait to do his closet as well.

His closet was a much quicker fix than mine because it has always been easier for me to tackle someone’s mess than it has been my own.  I try to keep his clothing up to date, but now everything has been cleaned out and we can see the floor.

Bobby's Closet

Bobby is thrilled with his closet and is ready to tackle his bookshelf and the rest of the room.  It’s so nice to have him on board with this.  As far as my teen, he gets his Pack Rat gene from me, so his room will be a much harder task but I’m up for the challenge!  If you have a clutter issue make sure you check out this book.  The $7.00 I spent for the e-book was definitely well worth it!  If you’d rather have a paperback copy, those are available too.  Good luck with your de-cluttering!


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