Pouch Pal #Giveaway ENDS 7/21

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*****Pouch Pal Kickstarter is set to launch on July 20, 2015.  Pouch Pal would be thrilled if you’d drop in and share their kickstarter info on your social media.*****  
What is Pouch Pal?

Many parents loves to feed their babies from pre-filled food pouches from the grocery because of their portability and convenience.   But all too often, moms and dads just end up cleaning baby food off of the car seat, carpet, and clothes, because squeezing the pouches is just way too much fun for their little angels.  We accepted this as an inescapable truth. Until now, when Pouch Pal is here to save the day.

Open, Loaded Pouch Pal (2)

Pouch Pal is a food pouch case that can’t be squeezed.  It prevents messes and also holds your baby’s food pouch cap for later use when your baby is finished eating.  Its’ great curvy shape makes Pouch Pal able to be easily held by little hands. Pouch Pal’s child resistant latches keep your little one from being able to squeeze the food out of the pouch as they learn to feed themselves.  Instead, your baby will be able to hold the turquoise colored Pouch Pal as they suck the food from the pouch inside without the temptation of squeezing the food everywhere.

Pouch Pal Double and Single Pack (2)

Pouch Pal easily fits into cup holders and is very stylish in appearance.  This ingenious food pouch case keeps parents and caregivers from dealing with the irritations that come along with rolling and readjusting food pouches as their baby eats.  Instead, Pouch Pal holds the food pouch in the prime position for perfect food flow.  Even better, the Pouch Pal food pouch case can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher and is Phalate free and BPA free as well.  Check out the following video to view how to load the Pouch Pal.

Pouch Pal keeps your baby’s food where it belongs – in their tummy and not all over their clothing or their surroundings.


Pouch Pal is so excited to share their food pouch cases with parents that they are offering up a giveaway on BlogWithMom.com.

One lucky U.S. resident will win the following prize pack valued at approximately $40:

  • 2 Pouch Pals
  • 10 assorted food pouches
  • a Pouch Pal onesie or toddler tee (depending on child’s size)

6 thoughts on “Pouch Pal #Giveaway ENDS 7/21”

  1. I gave my little one a pouch, and turned around for 5 seconds. Next thing I know the pouch contents were all over the floor, and he was covered from head to toe. He was trying to clean it up by smooshing it into the carpet. What a thoughtful helper, lol!

  2. At the beach, she got a little too excited and squeezed her pouchie all over herself & the blanket…then crawled off and the sand just stuck to every bit of her that was covered in baby food. Luckily, we just took her for a dip in the ocean to clean her off…the blanket wasn’t so lucky.

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