Protect Your Feet At Water Park


Usually my son and I are able to go bare foot at the water park throughout the first part of Summer, but this year the concrete is already scorching so make sure you protect your feet.  There are a few options for this, just pick what is best for you.

  • Flip flops can be worn, but when you ride the fast tube rides, you will have to hold your flip flops or you will lose them on the ride.  If you are traveling with small children, that will require you to hold everyone’s flip flops so keep that in mind before you choose this type of footwear.  Your flip flops can also be left at the entrance of the ride, but that doesn’t ensure that your flip flops will still be there once you are finished with your ride.
  • You can also wear the velcro / slip on water shoes.  These can be bought for under $10 at many stores and will stay secure on everyone’s feet throughout the day as they travel from ride to ride throughout the water park.  This is the type of shoes that my son and I choose to wear.  You can have a look at these on Amazon by clicking HERE.
  • Socks can also be worn to protect your feet from the hot concrete at the water park.  Keep in mind, your socks will probably have holes in them after a day of walking in them at the water park, so don’t choose your favorite ones when selecting your socks.  Many teenagers are seen at the water park with this foot protection option because the water shoes aren’t always “cool” in appearance.

A day at the water park can be exhausting, so take care of your feet while you are there.  Believe me, your feet will thank you!

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