Starting & Sticking To A Workout Routine Part 2

Bobby treadmill

Remember part 1? Well this is part 2! Let’s get started!  We talked about 7 tips to help you start and stick to a workout routine in part 1.

Here are 7 more tips to keep you on track:

Get your family involved.  Both my kids love to workout and go on bike rides with their dad.  Working out is more fun when you have a partner and this is really a must if you plan to workout throughout the summer if you have children that are home with you.  You can see my youngest above enjoying his time on the gym treadmill.

  1. Sign up for a race.  This is a great goal to strive for.  Whether you walk, sprint or run finishing a race is an adrenaline rush and a definite motivator.  You can do it!
  2. Take a walk or run in public.  Be proud of how far you have come!  When you are exercising in public, you tend to work harder and do better even if you do not realize it.
  3. Just show up.  Show up at places where you know you won’t leave after driving all the way there.  Go to the gym.  Go to the park.  Go to your local pool.  Go anywhere that you will end up being active at!
  4. Make sure you eat healthy foods and add in those vegetables and fruits!  You do not lose weight by starving yourself.  That actually backfires because when you do eat, your body will store every bit of fat in your food.  Eat healthy meals and you will actually lose weight faster.
  5. Understand when your energy level is highest.  Work out in the morning, afternoon and night on 3 separate days and see which days you feel better during.  You will learn when your workout is best for you!
  6. Be proud of how far you have come.  Do not be afraid to brag a little bit or show progress pictures.  You are doing this for you, and you deserve all of the glory!
  7. Have fun.  Remember, exercising should not be a chore.  It should be something you enjoy doing and feel good about.  Enjoy the rush you get when you finish a good workout.  Enjoy the happiness you feel when you see that your body has evolved into a healthier body.
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