Fun At Wet N’Wild Waterpark

Splashtown from parking lot

Our last day of school was 6/4 so we decided to spend the first day of Summer Break at Wet N’ Wild Waterpark.  This was a view of the water park from the parking lot.  As soon as we entered the park, there was a bag check to ensure that you didn’t bring in any outside food.  It was at this point that I realized that I could have brought water bottles in with us.  I had a cooler in my car with snacks and drinks so that we’d have a snack waiting for us once our day at the park was over, but didn’t think I could bring any water bottles in with us.  Next time, I’m going to pack a few pre-frozen bottles of water in my waterpark bag now that I know they are allowed.

We had bought waterpark season passes online, so our parking fee and the Wet N’Wild cups shown below were included with our admission.  The cups allow you to purchase .99 refills during your park visits.  I prefer drinking water, so I will use my cup for ice water while at the park.  They also offered a meal plan and a locker rental pass, but we normally do not eat the park meals, so we declined the meal plan and took the locker rental pass.  You see many bags laying around for those who do not choose to rent the lockers, but I carry my phone, my wallet and my Fitbit, so I’d rather be safe than sorry and rent the locker.  You can check out a few waterpark money saving tips here.

Splashtown cups

The waterpark was fun, so we’re going back soon.  If you’re planning on hitting up your local waterpark, check their site online and read up on their offerings and rules before heading that way.

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