What Makes You A Proud Parent?

boys working

What makes you a proud parent?  Is it when you see your children achieve their goals?  When they climb higher and higher to reach better destinations?  Is it when they are doing well in school or becoming their own person?  Is it when they use manners in public?  Sometimes we tend to focus on the negative more than the positive.  As parents, we often end up criticizing to fix a bad behavior rather than celebrate the good behaviors our children show.  It’s typical to try and fix something before it’s even broken, but focusing on celebrating good behavior should come first!

Children will hold on to criticism, but not in a productive way.  I can guarantee they will remember a compliment and repeat that behavior to get that compliment again rather than remember what they did wrong in the first place.  Children are constantly learning and developing and figuring out who they are. When they are complimented and praised for something positive, that shapes them into who they are becoming.

My sons are really into sports and other healthy activities.  We love to praise them for doing well at games and accomplishing physical fitness goals.  Yes, they need to be corrected for bad behavior, but praising them is more likely to keep that bad behavior from happening!  So, what makes you a proud mom?  Do you show your children just how proud you are?  How do you celebrate their accomplishments?  Can you see a difference in how they react to praise as opposed to criticism?  Both are very important in parenting, but what’s even more important is making sure they get an equal dose of both!  Do you have any tips for the parents out there who need creative ideas on how to let their children know they are proud?

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