3 weeks Into Kitchen Rennovation

We are now in the middle of rennovating our kitchen.  We have waited years to do this and it’s finally time.  We started making our flooring, appliance and color choices early on this year and are ready to move forward with this project.  The “perfect” situation was to start and finish the kitchen rennovation before school was out for the summer, but that just didn’t happen.  Since we had already completed the legwork, we decided to bite the bullet and get this remodeling project underway even though it would be hectic with the kids being out of school for the summer.

Boxing kitchen

I decluttered the kitchen the best I could, and then boxed everything up before the kitchen demoliton was scheduled to begin.  We moved all the boxes from the kitchen into the game room and labeled them so that we could find things from our boxes if needed.

Game Room remodel storage

I also made special boxes of items that I thought we’d use regularly to keep us from digging through the piles of labeled boxes everyday.  Since we no longer have a dishwasher or kitchen sink, we are also eating on paper plates, plastic cutlery, etc.  It is amazing how these items can increase the amount of weekly trash like they have.  For the last two weeks, I have had way too much trash to fit inside our garbage bins.

Dining Room Renovation

Our make-shift kitchen can be found in the dining room.  I put all the pantry food that I thought we’d eat on the dining room table and used card tables to set up a cooking area. We have our old microwave, a sandwhich maker, an electric skillet and an electric griddle.  We could also cook on the outside grill, but sometimes it’s just easier to stay indoors, away from the workers and whip up lunch in the dining room.

Rocky Kitchen Island electrical

The electrical work has all been done.  My dad and stepmom flew in from Kentucky and the electric work was done in a week.  My dad is an electrician and had some great ideas to add convenience into the kitchen lighting.  I can’t wait until I can see how our can light design turns out!

The sheetrock is now back in place and the cabinets are boxed up and ready for Monday’s install.  This is my first kitchen remodel and I have heard how much stress this can bring.  So far so good, just a few more weeks to go!

If you were to rennovate a room in your house, which one would you choose?

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  2. I’m so happy for you that you’re getting to do this right now!! I’m sure it’s going to be worth every effort when it’s through and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

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