Are You On A Healthy Living Journey?


Are you on a journey for healthy living?  Here’s a quick checklist to help you along the way!

Eat clean:

Eat real, whole foods.  Eat brain-boosting foods such as fish.  Think about the rainbow when planning your meals.  You want a colorful plate! Choose high-quality lean proteins.  Buy chemical-free foods.

Most importantly, drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and cook more!  Stop going out so often – most restaurant foods are full of grease.  Do you have questions about which cooking oils to use?  Click Mommy Edition to see the comparisons between Olive Oil, Canola Oil and Coconut Oil.


Choose something fun and always be on the lookout for an exercise buddy.  Track your progress and pick a time that works for you!


Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Man, that would be nice!

Think positive thoughts:

Start the day off on a positive note.  Do you have a favorite happy quote you can think of or read every morning?  Listen to inspirational music.  When I am working out, I like to listen to upbeat and fun music.  That always helps me to stay focused and finish my workout.  Something else that is important to do is focus on your blessings rather than the negatives.  If you are constantly thinking about everything positive in your life, you will feel invincible.

This may seem odd, but give more.  Verbalize your thankfulness.  Whether you are talking to a family member, a friend, or a higher power that you believe in, verbalize your thankfulness out loud.  You will make them feel good and appreciated, and you will feel good as well.  Help someone in need – now that’s an adrenaline rush!  When you help someone with something, knowing they cannot do it themselves, you feel great.  You feel like a superstar.

Lastly, love. Embrace supportive relationships.  These days it is so hard to find a good support system.  Everyone either likes you or supports you or they envy you and hope you fail.  For those who support you, love them.  Embrace them and let them know you appreciate their support.  That being said, wean unhealthy relationships.  You do not need the ones that will only beat you down instead of lifting you up.

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Those are the (not so secret) secrets to living a happy life.  What do you do to focus on the positive?

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