Celery Flower Craft For Kids

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Summertime is great for family fun time with crafts.  Here’s found a really cute craft that kids can make and the supply list is very small which makes it even better!

All you need is:

  • A small bunch of celery
  • Some string
  • Some blank computer paper
  • Some paint (green paint, and one other color of your choice)

Once you have your supplies together, lay them out on the table and get ready to start!

It’s time to get started:

Take your bunch of celery and tie it together with the string so it’s not loose and stays together.  Grab some green paint and paint some flower stems on your paper.  Take a different color paint (whatever color you choose for a flower) and dip the ends of the celery into that color of paint.  Now, take your celery and stamp it onto the stems on your paper to form your flower.

If you really want to get creative, you can head out to the dollar store and pick up a cheap picture frame and frame your flower picture after it dries.  Feel free to add your name and the year that you made this craft so that it can be kept as a great keepsake.  If you can find metallic sharpies, you can actually write a really sweet message on the picture frame as well.  If you have time, you can make a series of pictures (like 3) to hang up next to each other in the home.  This makes it look like a set, and those go over really well in home décor as well as great gifts!

Photo Credit: 51.heatingengineering.com

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