De-Clutter & Have A Yard Sale

kitchen clutter mess

Since I started de-cluttering my house, I have made many, many HUGE messes!  Here’s a shot of my kitchen on the day that I pulled everything out of the cabinets during my de-cluttering session.  Thankfully I had many bags of trash to throw out as well as a few bags of donation items.  The pantry and baking cabinet had many expired items such as baking items and boxes of jello.  As far as donation items, you should have seen my sports water bottle collection!  It took up one entire top kitchen cabinet.

De cluttering Spark

I was going strong for the first few hours, but I began to wear down with all trips to the trash and up and down on the chair moving from top to bottom throughout the kitchen cabinets.  At this point, I was so thankful for my Spark Energy Drinks.  They really make a difference when you’ve got things to do and no get up and go left in you.

clutter pile

Once I had a huge pile built up, it was time to get it moved out of the house before I got started again.  This pile of items came from three bedroom closets and the kitchen.  I knew someone that was planning a yard sale and could really use the extra money so I told her if she would like to pick up my items, then she could keep all the money that came from them at her next yard sale.  All I wanted in return was a yard sale follow up and of course, a picture of her yard sale.

Yard sale declutter

Here’s the sale, tons of stuff all laid out and ready to be sold.  The sale brought in $150 but the yard sale sign was stolen from the main road so a lot of stuff was boxed back up and will be used for the next yard sale.  Everything that doesn’t sell will be donated to an organization such as the women’s shelter, Goodwill, etc. that is close to the yard sale location.

How much clutter do you have at your house?  I still have lots more and plan on continuing my de-cluttering sessions soon.  If you need de-cluttering motivation, make sure you check out the book I read:  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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