Home Remodeling Conditions Call For Jelly Feet

I was given two sets of JellyFeet Reusable Foot Covers from JellyFeet365.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.

Jelly Feet - 2 pair

Any idea where I am standing above in my new JellyFeet reusable foot covers?  I am standing in the front hall in our house.  Most of our downstairs flooring was torn out this week and my JellyFeet reusable foot covers are definitely doing their job!

Kitchen Demo

Here’s a shot of the kitchen at the end of the first day of the demolition.  The tile has now been hauled off and the floors are now bare of debris, but no where near being clean or dust free.  I would rather be barefoot than tracking down my flip flops all day, so I decided that this was the perfect time to test out my JellyFeet foot covers.  They were easy to put on and remained in place throughout the day without any slipping as I ran up and down the carpeted steps hauling and organizing our stuff.

Dining Room Renovation

This is where you’ll find me most of the day.  I have been organizing our make-shift temporary kitchen inside the dining room in hopes of keeping my family up and going now that our kitchen is gone.  The makeshift kitchen has been a success so far.  Everyone has been able to find snacks and make lunch for themselves throughout the day.  The JellyFeet reusable foot covers are working out great for me.  Wearing my Jelly Feet reusable foot covers keeps my feet from the dirty, dusty floors and keeps me from ruining my socks.  Keeping up with my flip flops all day as I walked from living room flooring to dirty concrete floors was driving me nuts.   I had to get rid of the need for wearing my shoes all day in the house and JellyFeet was the answer to being able to toss the flip flops and not tear up my socks.

Jelly Feet Flip Flops

While wearing JellyFeet, it is easy to slip on your flip flops when needed.  I have made multiple trips back and forth to the outside trash cans.  I just threw on my teen’s flip flops and outside I went.  Then I can toss off the flip flops when back inside and keep on working.

Catch JellyFeet in action while paddle boarding in the video below:

While wearing my JellyFeet reusable foot covers, I came up with a few more great uses for these:

  • They would be perfect when you swim in pools that have rough bottoms.
  • They would work great in community shower situations such as summer camp, swimming pool showers, dorm living, etc.
  • These would save your socks from getting dirty during hotel stays and could even be worn in the hotel shower.

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Check out JellyFeet365.com for more great uses for wearing JellyFeet reusable foot covers 365 days out of the year.  That’s a great website name / concept don’t you think?

How would you use your JellyFeet?


5 thoughts on “Home Remodeling Conditions Call For Jelly Feet”

  1. I don’t envy you going through all that work, must be a total nightmare. These would be great on the beach too, save getting all the sand in between your toes.

    1. It is a lot of work, we’ve just got to make it through this and hopefully our kitchen turns out beautiful and easier to organize.

  2. These would definitely be great for gym locker rooms or showers where germs abound and athletes foot is just around the next bend!

  3. I have never seen anything like that before, but I can think of quite a few places I could use them! I’ll have to get a pair!

  4. These are totally awesome. I have to get some of these for sure There are so many uses for these jelly feet. I love these for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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