Hormones Of Happiness


We often wonder why are we happy and what needs to happen for us to be calm, collected and at peace.  Even though we call this a mental process, happiness is something that comes from our hormones.  These chemical substances which are produced within our body are the main cause for our good mood.  In that regard, it is necessary to keep them in check, on adequate levels, so that we can enjoy each and every day of our life.

  1. Dopamine

Whenever we need to take action and be proactive, dopamine is released into our bodies.  If we are reluctant or if we have any self-doubts, that is usually because we have a low level of dopamine.  It is important for a person to constantly secrete this hormone.  People who are ambitious have problems with the secretion of dopamine.  If you aim too high, you won’t be able to produce it.  So, you should always go step by step so that the proper amounts can be created. Otherwise, you may fall into depression and will have to work hard, whether alone or with the help of professionals from Serenity Mental Health Centers, to get yourself out of this rut.

  1. Oxytocin

People usually call this hormone “The bonding hormone.”  One way that this hormone is produced, is through receiving or giving a hug.  By secreting this substance, we are able to feel good about ourselves and connect with people around us.  Among other, it is very important for pregnant women because it improves bonding with child and promotes lactation.  When women suffer from depression or anxiety after child birth, lack of oxytocin is to blame.  In those cases, person should replenish it by using oxytocin sublingual drops and oxytocin nasal spray.

  1. Endorphin

Brain produces endorphin as a natural response to stress and pain and like any other hormone of happiness it reduces anxiety, depression and any other metal ailment that can affect our body.  It is usually created after a hard, physical activity as a way for body to counter inflammation and any issues that might result during it.  As you can expect, it is especially present in athletes.  Like any other hormone from this list, it is possible to induce secretion by doing certain actions. It is often released when you laugh.  By doing this, you can regulate it properly.

  1. Serotonin

Another very important substance crucial for our mood, serotonin is created during any moment when we feel particularly proud and satisfied by the results of our work.  According to scientists, most of the people that decide to pursuit life of crime are actually serotonin addicts.  These activities are allowing constant production, a rush of thrill whenever they face with potentially dangerous situation.  Lack of it can be also exhibited through flashy behavior and through attraction of unwanted attention.  It is regarded that people need to have that serotonin rush in order to confirm their existence.  If you wish to increase it naturally, you can recall all the positive things that happened to you during your life.  Trigger it by concentrating on good things and other situations when you were confident and happy.

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