How To Defeat The Odds & Maintain A Clean Home

Article By Jason Roberts

The very best way to win the battle of keeping your home clean, is to declutter it and get yourself organized.   A great deal of disarray not only causes your home to overwhelm you but it also clogs and clutters your thoughts.  The following will guide you through the most important decluttering principles so that you can defeat the odds while maintaining a clean home daily.

  1. Cease the flow of new items entering your home

Stop allowing new items to cross the threshold of your home.  There is no quitter way to waste your time with decluttering your home than continuously adding to the clutter.  If you are not replacing something that is leaving the house or it is truly a necessity, you do not need to bring it home.   It is imperative that before you move forward, you make the conscious decision to buy less.

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  1. Declutter one item at a time

Decluttering, or the deep cleaning of your home does not have to put you into a stress induced frenzy.  Ease your way into it by either removing an item per day or tackling one room at a time.  This gradual process will allow you to truly take inventory of your home and determine what a necessity is and what can be eliminated.  Additionally, by following this method, you are far more likely to remember the system of organization that you will implement.  You will be able to remember where items are designated.  This will allow you to remain within a clean and organized home because you will develop the habit of placing things back to where they belong.

  1. Start with the easy stuff first

Do not make things difficult, tackle the easy components first.  Do not cause yourself to become overwhelmed and possibly, abandon the project by attempting to tackle the more difficult aspects first.  Begin with the easier things and as you strengthen in your resolve and as you begin to see the progress that is being made, decisions as to what to eliminate will become easier to tackle.  You will find that removing unnecessary items from your home and your life will begin to become far less difficult.  As the clutter begins to disappear from your home, you will also find it much easier to keep your home clean each day.  There will be fewer items to clean as well as less items that could potentially collect dust or intrude upon the square footage of your living quarters.

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  1. Put in place a disposal plan

Decide what to do with the items that you plan on removing from your home.  Research the following options: donation, recycling, and selling.  Either will be a great choice to get the unwanted and unneeded items from within your home and they can be utilized singularly or in combination.  The more prepared you are, the quicker the process will be Do not fall into the trap of simply moving things into the garage or the basement with the hopes that one day you will magically run into someone that will need or want your discarded items.

Great options for the items that need to be expelled are the following:

  • Ebay
  • Freecycle
  • Local thrift stores
  • Local churches
  • Local shelters/halfway houses
  1. Do not fear of letting go

Many people find themselves utterly afraid to let go of items out of fear that the may need them in the future.  The key to keep in mind is that if you are not currently in need of the item or using it, you will most likely never be in need of it.  Get rid of the items and move towards maintaining a clean, decluttered, and organized home.

  1. Don’t over equip

There is no home on the planet that needs the same quantities of pantry supplies, cutlery, crockery or linen as does a hotel or bed and breakfast.  You will need to be expressly realistic about the true needs of your home and your family.  In the event that an extraordinary amount of guests arrive of your home, you do have the ability to borrow extra supplies from family and friends.  Just think about the likelihood of that truly happening.

Also, keep in mind that the more that you have, the more you become responsible to manage and clean.  How well have you been doing with the maintenance of the items up to this point?

  1. Organize

As you shift through the clutter, begin organizing the items that will remain in your home.  This will allow you to setup a system that will alleviate the onslaught of clutter, mess and disarray in the future.  Organization is yet another huge key to you maintaining a clean and functional home every day.  Being organized eliminates disarray because you are able to know precisely where everything is and dispenses the need to look about or subsequently create messes while searching for needed items.

Final words

There comes a time in your life when you can no longer postpone decluttering.  Embrace it in return.  This will allow you hold onto only what is truly needed. You will gain a lot, i.e. the ability to clean easier and quicker.  You will begin to notice that you have regained control over your home and not vice versa.  Within a matter of time, you’ll notice the difference.  You will soon forget what life was like before your home became a clean oasis, in which everything resides comfortably within its place.

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