Tile Company Has Bathroom Issues

When a company brings in a new customer, it is important for them to make their customers feel at home.  When I go into a new store, I want to feel safe and welcome.  Today we went to pick up the flooring tile that we had ordered from a tile store in Houston, Texas.  The note that I found on the back of the bathroom door was just a little too much so I had to snap a shot so I could share it with you.

tile bathroom note

So does this note make you want to flush the toilet paper or does it push you to use the trash can instead?

Now as far as the tile pick up goes, the prices and quality of their materials were good, and they offered a wide selection of tile / flooring materials to choose from.  I’m glad that we found their showroom, but I think they could have handled their bathroom issue a little better.

loading tile

Here’s a shot of the tile being loaded onto our trailer.  There were two pallets of our floor tile, but our trailer can only handle 3000 pounds per load.  Each pallet weighed a little over 2000 pounds so we had to unload this pallet in our garage so we could bring the empty trailer back to grab the second pallet of our tile order.

tile on trailer

Here’s a shot of my husband and son preparing the load for our trip back to the house.  This load was SO heavy that it shouldn’t have went anywhere, but you can never be too safe when it comes to hauling items on a trailer.

Have you ever seen a trailer lose their load?  If so, did the driver know they had lost it soon or did the driver keep going?

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