Tips For Selling Your Home Quicker


If you are looking to sell your home, it is a MUST that you find the right real estate agent!  My husband and I found Tracie Miller about eight years ago while interviewing realtors and have worked with her ever since.  She is a truly a keeper!  I was decluttering my kitchen and found her business cards shown above taped on the inside of my cabinet door.  Thank you Tracie for all the hard work you always put in for us!

These are the qualities that I looked for when interviewing real estate agents before we sold our last home:

  • go getter, not afraid of hard work
  • experience (staging / marketing)
  • must be able to trust them/reliable
  • impressive track record
  • the perfect agent should have suggestions about cleaning, repairing, repainting, decluttering, staging, and showcasing your home

Make The Essential Repairs

Take care of any chipped or peeling paint, worn cabinets, apparent stains on your countertops, chewed or dirty baseboards.

Neutral colored paint and new finishes on your cabinets goes a long way with buyers.

Remember, it’s the things that you have learned to live with over the years that may be just the things that turn buyers off from your property.

cluttered cabinets

MAKE Time To Declutter!

Start with the kitchen and move to master bedroom, and bathrooms since these seem to be the biggest attractions during a buyer’s home walk-thru.  Make sure to tackle your closets!  Decluttering can be a hard task when you are sentimental about items, but it is a task that MUST be done.  The more clutter you own, the smaller it makes your house appear!  It is a lot of work, but it will save you time in the end.  When it comes to packing, you won’t have to pack up stuff you don’t need / want and you could also make a little extra money if you have time to hold a yard sale.


There are home staging companies, but my realtor was awesome at staging our home for potential buyers!  Staging your home will showcase the most inviting features of your living space.  Since the buying process usually starts with online tours, make sure your home is staged and well presented in your online photos if you want to sell your house quickly and for the best price possible.


Professional video of your home with a virtual tour for online shoppers.  Use it to post on your social media and have your family and friends share it with their followers as well.  Your realtor can also post the virtual tour of your home on professional real estate websites.

Germguardian unit

Keep It Clean

Be careful of the foods you cook, stay away from the smelly ones like steamed broccoli, because these smells can be huge turn offs to potential buyers who schedule last minute showings.  An air cleaning system would be a great way to keep your house smelling fresh.  Keep the pet hair under control and the pet area free of unwanted pet odor. Hopefully your home will sell within 60 – 90 days so put your best foot forward and insist on your family pitching in until your home is sold.

Now, get to work, there is LOTS to be done!  Good luck with your sale!

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