Declutter Strategies

Decluttering Clothing On Bed

If you have been following along with my home remodeling, you know that I had to declutter a bit (remember all of those bags of things I got rid of?).   It can be hard to declutter once the clutter has added up over the years.  That is why I have come up with some decluttering strategies for you!

First, you will want to put your first STOP clutter efforts where they will bear the most fruit.  Look for the places where you struggle the most and start there.  If it is a challenge to get out of the house to work each day, for example, tackle the jumbled cosmetics on the bathroom counter, attack your clothes closet and clear clutter away from the key rack.  There is NOTHING worse than losing your keys in the morning when you are already running late!

You can follow with the front door method.  Start at the front door and move to the right around the house, decluttering as you go.  Start each session next to the last area you cleared.  The advantage of this method is that you always know which location is next in line for decluttering.  This also means it is likely that the house’s public areas are cleared first!  This also helps when your nosey neighbors decide to have a surprise visit – your home will already be organized!

Another method is the clean sweep method.  If you are overwhelmed by the clutter (we all are at some point!), take a garbage bag and circle the house looking for trash that can be tossed without the need for decision-making.  This would include grocery bags, broken kitchen tools, expired foods in the pantry, makeup that is more than a year old, and more items along those lines.  When the garbage bag is full, toss it! These things will add up faster than you think and your home will be cleaner in no time.  Less stuff means less clutter!

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