Easily Match Home Wall Paint

wall patch paint

When’s the last time you needed to track down a matching paint color for one of your rooms?  Above you can see my laundry room.  We had to have some patch work done in this room which now requires me to repaint.  Thankfully I learned how to organize my paint colors or matching this exact paint color may have taken me awhile or even required me to repaint the entire room.

paint can lids

I used to save all the paint cans, but that just took up too much space.  I recently did a major decluttering and came up with this system above.  For all the paint that I still use throughout my house I have gathered the paint lids and marked the areas where that paint was used.  For all the paint that I have saved and no longer have on my walls and do not intend on using again, I have disposed of properly through the local recycling center.

Keeping the paint lids helps me to see the paint colors by looking at the paint on the underside of the lid and also gives me a record of the paint “recipe” for Sherwin Williams.  All I have to do is take the paint lid into Sherwin Williams where I initially bought my paint, and they can run a color match for me that is sure to match!

Sherwin Williams also told me that many of their customers store unused paint in small tupperware containers and then create an organized paint tub to keep on hand when touch ups are needed.  This would also save a lot of room, rather than holding onto the large paint cans when only a small portion of the paint is remaining.

How do you organize your paint colors?

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