Garbage Disposal Installation Tips

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Is it time for a new garbage disposal?  If so, there are a few things you should know:

We are currently remodeling our kitchen which called for a new garbage disposal after our kitchen had been completely gutted.  Once the cabinets and sink were installed, I was anxious to get the water faucets and garbage disposal hooked up so I can begin using my kitchen again.  A sales lady at the plumbing store helped me put an order together for the garbage disposal, faucets and kitchen sink.   Once those items came in, the plumbing company delivered them and they were stored in the garage until the plumber came to install them.

The day finally came to get these items installed and I was thrilled but I soon found out that even though my garbage disposal had been installed, it wasn’t ready to be used… what????

1.  Plumbers aren’t electricians, so they do not hook up the electrical cord to the garbage disposal when they install it under the sink.

2.  Garbage disposals and their needed electrical cords are sold separately.  Unfortunately, my plumbing company didn’t include the cord in my order when we set everything up.

Fortunately I realized that the garbage disposal’s electrical cord was missing within a few days of its’ installation.  After making a few phone calls, I had a garbage disposal electrical cord on its’ way to me which was installed and is now in working order.  When installing a garbage disposal, it is much easier to connect the garbage disposal electrical cord before you install it under your cabinet.  Take note of this if you are intending on installing your garbage disposal yourself.  If you are having a plumber install your garbage disposal, make sure to ask them if they can complete the whole job and leave your garbage disposal in working order.  If not, try another plumber before giving him the job because an installed garbage disposal is no good if you don’t have the garbage disposal electrical cord hooked up.

5 thoughts on “Garbage Disposal Installation Tips”

  1. The garbage disposal is oh so appreciated in our house. I never appreciated it until I had one, now I wouldn’t want to live without it. 🙂

  2. Rosey,
    I sure missed my garbage disposal while it was out of commission. It works wonders on those burnt noodles that you find stuck to the bottom of your pans…. ooops!

  3. It’s great to know that about plumbers being unable to do electrician work for a garbage disposal. I myself have a garbage disposal that’s been malfunctioning and it seems now best to find an electrician to help me out. Mostly to connect the cords to each other and test the disposal.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. We recently remodeled our kitchen as well, but we didn’t have the same problem as you. That’s good that you recognized that the garbage disposal’s electrical cord was missing within a few days. I think it’s good to make sure everything a plumbing company is going to provide when hiring them.

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