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WooHoo, it’s almost that time again!  Time to regain focus and start hitting the books again at college.  There’s so many things to do before school gets started back up again?  Have you ran through your budget lately?  Have you found ways to save money on all the upcoming college expenses?  Buying textbooks always took a HUGE amount of money from my college budget.  It just makes you sick to spend so much on books, to resell them for little to nothing once the semester has ended.  I can remember standing in line for hours at the Murray State Campus bookstore, waiting to buy my books and hoping they had a few used copies available.

At that time, in 1992 – 1994, this is what you did, but now, textbooks can be rented for way less cost.

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Did you know that by renting textbooks, instead of purchasing, the following is possible when you go through

  • You can save 40 – 90 percent off regular bookstore prices.
  • You can receive free shipping both ways.
  • Mark them up!  Rental textbooks can even be highlighted in.
  • Rental periods are flexible for renting textbooks.
  • Campus Bookstore donates to Operation Smile each time a textbook is rented.

Check out the video below for more info.

Sometimes we feel better when we speak to a “real” person. would love to help you with all of your questions and concerns.

You can reach them at 855-200-0021 Mon – Fri, 8AM – 5PM MT.  Good luck on your studies!


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