Sports Related Charms Show Team Spirit


Do your kids play sports?  Have you noticed all the moms who wear matching sports related items to the games?  I have seen teams that all had buttons with their kids faces on them, moms with personalized megaphones and awesome glittery matching tee shirts.  I have even found sports related Jamberry nail wraps.  All of these items are great, but my son dedicates so much time to basketball that I’d like to find an item to wear to support him on a daily basis.

I started searching for affordable, eye catching jewelry and I came across some cute sports charms.  I found some sports related charms online that had such great pricing that I have thought about talking to the sports moms and getting together an order for them.  For under six dollars each, this wholesale jewelry site offers the following sports charms:  baseball, football and soccer.  For this price, you wouldn’t feel bad if you were to misplace the charm.  I would much rather wear jewelry that is affordable in price and enjoy it rather then buy expensive pieces that I am too scared to wear our in fear of losing them or messing them up.

texans 9 11

These charms would also be great for a tailgating party.  My family roots for the Houston Texans and we go to a lot of their home football games.  I always see women with all their football fan gear on, this year I plan on showing my support with a cute football charm and a crazy set of Jamberry nail wraps.  How do you show your team spirit?

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