Tips For Saving On Gas

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With school starting up again soon, we have been extremely busy running errands and getting some last-minute trips done and out of the way.  This requires a lot of traveling, so we have been spending a ton of money on gas and drinks/snacks while on the road.  I realized that some gas stations, such as Mapco, have deals where if you buy a drink, you get so much off of the price of gas per gallon.  For example, if you buy one of their refillable cups for $3.99, you get .12 off per gallon.  Plus, you get .59 refills for the rest of your life (or however long you own the cup).  That’s pretty awesome!  So now we take that cup with us wherever we go and whenever we get thirsty, we will stop by a Mapco and get our .59 refill of whatever soft drink or lemonade (or water) we want.  We ended up filling up for .12 less per gallon and had a drink to last us a couple of hours while we were driving!  Plus, Mapco has a gas rewards card that gives you .03 off per gallon any time you swipe it.  You also earn points each time you spend money there.  You can cash out your points for snacks, drinks, or donate them to charity. It’s a pretty good program!

Shell gas station also has a gas savings program like this, as does Kroger.  With Kroger, you also get .03 off per gallon every time you swipe your card.  You can also earn fuel points when you shop.  We usually save up our fuel points until we reach .30 or .40 off per gallon.  One day we scored gas for $1.09 (we saved up a TON of points) and paid less than $12 to fill up our vehicle!

I always grab gas rewards cards at every gas station I come in contact with because I never know where I will be when I need gas again, and I want to make sure I get a discount wherever I go.

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