10 Decorating Tips for Your Holiday Event

The kids are back in school, and Halloween is just around the corner, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it.  As a busy mom, you probably think that cleaning the house is enough of a chore, never mind decorating for a holiday party.  Getting festive doesn’t have to be stressful, though; read on for 10 decorating tips for your holiday event:

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  1. Start with a warm welcome.

Greet guests with a warm welcome by lining your front walkway with paper lanterns.  Simply fill white paper bags with enough sand that they won’t tip over, and top them off with battery-operated LED candles.  For a festive twist, use a holiday hole punch to make patterns in the bags, or stick letters on each one, spelling out words like “JOY” or “NOEL.”

  1. Make a citrus wreath.

For a new spin on an old favorite, try making a holiday wreath out of citrus fruits.  Start with a circular piece of florist’s foam, and add lemons, limes and oranges.  Guests will be sure to comment on your creative eye and unique taste when they see it hanging on your front door.

  1. Drape your mailbox.

You want your guests to start feeling festive the moment they pull onto your street.  If you don’t have time to decorate the outside of the entire house with lights, you can cheat by draping your mailbox with ribbon and a pine garland.  Be sure to add some red berries for a finishing touch.

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  1. Use ornaments as centerpieces.

If you don’t have time to make elaborate centerpieces for your party—and who can blame you?—just stack some sparkly or vintage Christmas ornaments on a cake stand.  If it looks a little bare, add a pine garland or some holly.

  1. Hang a banner on your street to welcome guests.

If some of your guests have never been to your house before, you can guide them in the right direction by hanging some holiday outdoor banners.  If you make a durable vinyl banner ahead of time, you can use it year after year.

  1. Use peacock feathers in place of garlands.

If your house already has a healthy dose of red and green, you can decorate with peacock feathers in lieu of the more traditional holiday flowers.  They’re subtle enough that they won’t clash with your other decorations but bold enough to make a statement.

  1. Make a statement with bells.

Nothing says Christmas like the sound of jingle bells.  Tie some to your front door so guests will get in the Christmas spirit the moment they step over your threshold.

  1. Stick to glitter.

Though chaos can be fun, you probably want a more cohesive look for your event.  If your family has collected countless ornaments over the years, stick to one color scheme or type.  For example, using only glittered ornaments can liven up the entire house.

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  1. Don’t forget the staircase.

Even if you don’t plan on inviting your guests upstairs, the handrail may take up a significant portion of the room.  Don’t neglect it when you’re decorating. Drape a pine garland up the rail, and anchor it with golden bows on either end.

  1. Decorate your stemware.

For an additional festive touch that takes practically no effort at all, you can decorate your stemware with any leftover ribbon you might have.  If you have enough colors, the ribbons can even serve as a way to remind guests which glass is theirs.

Hosting a party doesn’t have to mean a lot of extra housework if you plan ahead accordingly.  You can get the whole family involved, and you’ll have decorated the entire house before you even know it.

General ideas.

The old stand-bys of candles, holiday tablecloth, wreath on the door, christmas snow globes etc, are always fairly easy and help set the mood.  You can take it a step further with holiday themed or colored custom drapery, nativity scenes, santa with sleigh and reindeer on the roof top or an outdoor christmas tree on the front lawn.

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