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Bobby Fruit Basket

I received a fruit arrangement in August for my birthday from my dda and step mom.  They know that this is one of my favorite treats.  They’ve narrowed the fruit down to where he sends everyone’s favorites.  My husband is a pineapple guy, my youngest loves the grapes, my favorite is the chocolate covered apples and we all love the chocolate covered strawberries.

It was Friday night about 7 pm and my family and I were eating supper out that night.  I received a phone call from the fruit arrangement delivery guy telling me that he was parked in front of my house and asking if we were home.  I told him that we wouldn’t be home for another hour or so and suggested a neighbor that he could speak with about accepting delivery of my fruit basket until we were able to get back home to pick it up.

Of course the neighbor was out and about too, so the delivery driver said that deliveries resumed the next day at 11 am Saturday morning.  I said the earlier, the better would be the best in order to catch  me at home for the delivery.  11 am on Saturday came and went and before you know it, 3 pm was upon us and the fruit basket is finally delivered.  Everyone was thrilled for the fruit to arrive and as you can see above, Bobby was quickly making his selections as soon as he removed the fruit arrangement wrapper.

bad strawberries

The next morning I pulled the fruit out and look at what I found.  The strawberries didn’t make it.  Evidentally my basket had been created and hauled around waiting to be delivered too long for the strawberries to handle.  This was very upsetting since I know that my dad spent so much on this fruit arrangement and we weren’t even able to enjoy this except for Saturday afternoon when it first arrived.

We always receive our fruit  baskets from the same location and we’ve never had fruit go bad on us like this.  We always make sure to refridgerate our fruit arrangement when we are not eating it and I felt that the owner of that store should now about the timing of this delivery.  Receiving a fruit arrangement of this nature for the first time could definitely put a bad taste in your mouth about that business, no pun intended!

I sent a message to the main hub of this fruit arrangement store through Facebook and I was kindly messaged back with a case number.  I was given an email where I could submit my photos and a promise that the store owner from this franchise location would be contacting me shortly.  Sure enough, I received a phone call from the local store inquiring about my experience.

She wanted me to swap out my current fruit arrangement for a new one, but I told her that I had thrown most of the fruit away and that a new bundle wasn’t needed.  My only request was that we could enjoy the strawberries that were “lost” due to the delayed delivery.

chocolate covered strawberries

Hours later, these were delivered by the same driver.  This box was simply chocolate covered strawberry perfection!  These strawberries were bigger and better than any we’d ever experienced in the fruit arrangement in the past.  As far as our next order, I am going to look into the boxed offerings, as I am hoping it will be cheaper than purchasing the arrangement that comes with the decorative vase.

As far as this experience goes, the store location needed to know about his delivery issues.  Who knows, in the end, this issue could have helped the driver.  Maybe he is overworked, maybe he needs some help getting his deliveries out on time.  The moral to this story is:  “If you are not happy with a service or product, let the company know about it.  It’s comments like this that help business owners stay on top of important issues and keep customer satisfaction at the top of their list.”

I would like to thank you the fruit arrangement company / franchise location for providing great customer service.  I will definitely continue to order from their store in the future.  I am very pleased with the fact that they were so quick to resolve this issue.

When is the last time you experienced great customer service?  Did this service stem from an issue with your order or was it just a great experience all the way around?

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