Post Carpet Install Update

bathtub clutter

Good thing we only have time for showers in our house, because we couldn’t use the bathtub if we wanted to!  We just had our carpets replaced in our house and the bathrooms ended up being the perfect place to store our things while the rooms were being redone.  Above you’ll see my bathroom and bits of peices that came from my closet and the bedroom.  Thankfully I was able to keep the shower clear so we didn’t have to work real hard to get access to it.  The carpet guys worked on the carpet installation until 9:15 pm and by then we were all exhausted from moving stuff out of their way.  The kids were able to get into their beds, but my husband and I had to clear out a lot of stuff in order to find our bed after the carpet had been installed in our room.

kids bathroom clutter

Here’s a shot of the boys’ bathroom.  We used this area for items in the bottoms of their closet, under their beds and across the top of their desks.  Today the granite guy is coming in to work on their vanity, so as soon as this post is written, I’m headed upstairs to start clearing out this room.  It will be great to have their shower in working order again.

kitchen clutter after carpet

Now here’s the kitchen, it is beautiful, but still has lots of clutter that has to be moved out.  I am finding everything a “home” and everything that doesn’t have a home will have to go.  Thank goodness for the de-cluttering book that I read, it is definitely helping me with the de-cluttering / organizing process.

When is the last time you de-cluttered your kitchen?  You’ll be amazed at all the “goodies” you find that you forgot that you even owned.  I have found lots of unused giftcards, which were excellent finds!

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