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Does your family enjoy eating chicken hot wings at the restaurants?  Have you ever made them at home?  Linda sent her favorite Chicken Hot Wings Recipe over so I thought I’d share it on the mom blog today.

Chicken Hot Wings Recipe
You can buy packages of frozen chicken wings that have already been dejointed or you can buy fresh chicken and dejoint it yourself.

Arrange the wings on an aluminum foil lined pan and cook until done at 375 degrees for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.  When the chicken is ready to fall off the bone, you will know that your wings are done and it’s time to pull them from the oven.

Hot Sauce Mixture
One stick butter
One 12 oz. bottle of Franks Hot Sauce

The hot sauce mixture is very easy to make, just melt the stick of butter and add in the hot sauce.  Keep this mixture on the stove until warm enough to eat.
Now that your wings are done, add them to warm hot sauce and shake until well coated.  You could do this in a large ziploc bag, sealed container or dip the wings inside the hot sauce and pull them out with thongs.  Whatever method works best for you is always the best option here.  Less mess is always the best option for me.

Pull the chicken wings from any excess hot sauce that may be left over from when you mixed them with the hot sauce and serve them on a large platter or plate for a great presentation.  You could also serve these in a covered container in order to keep them warm throughout the meal.

This Chicken Hot Wings recipe was given a thumbs up by the administrators over at the Lewiston Carpet Cleaning website.  They say, this is their new “go-to recipe” when it comes time for football appetizers!  What kind of appetizers do you throw together when preparing to watch a big game?

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