Driver’s Permit Was A Success!

Drivers Permit Slip

Let’s face it, no one wants to wait in lines at the DMV, but in order to take a test in the afternoon, these lines are a must in our area.  First my son and I had to have all the required paperwork in order to qualify and then it was time to take a seat and wait until we were called back to the next station.  Once called back, we signed some paperwork, he took a quick eye test and was fingerprinted.

Next it was time to take the driver’s permit test which was given on a touch screen computer.  There were also headphones if you would like the option to have the test read to you, but he said that option took too much time so he ditched the headphones early on and successfully passed the driver’s permit test.

Once the computer had given him his score, he had to get back in line to speak to one more person in order to get his paper permit and driving instructions.  Now he is allowed to drive as long as there is someone 21 years of age or older with him while he is driving.

For insurance purposes, I had to call in his permit number, but no additional fees will be placed on our insurance until Travis has his actual driver’s license.

Travis Driver's Permit

Here’s a shot of Travis and his brother once we left the DMV after he passed his permit test.  From start to finish, we were there for two hours.  The DMV closed at five pm, but if you were already in line by that time, then you were locked inside and allowed to stay until you made your way up to the line.

Guess what we’re doing today?  Travis can’t wait to get behind the wheel, so we’re starting off slow and headed over to a nearby empty school parking lot today. Wish us luck!

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