Dyson Customer Service ROCKS

I have had two Dyson vaccums that I have given me issues in the past, but I dealt directly with the store where I purchased them.  This past experience was a little different, my teen thought he’d help with the vaccuming. As soon as he turned the machine on, I saw the top piece from my Dyson vaccum cannister hit the floor and then heard the cannister fall off.

Travis brought me over the broken Dyson vaccum cannister latch and I knew we had a problem.  We tried super glue, but we couldn’t get the pieces lined up in order for the latch to still function once it was pieced back together.  We searched the Dyson site for a replacement piece but only saw the whole Dyson vaccum cannister, which was going to cost us way too much since we only needed the “latch type piece.”  We love the job the Dyson vaccum does on our floors since we have a dog that sheds, so we were in the discussion stages of what to do, when I decided to contact Dyson through Twitter.

Dyson Part

I told Dyson through Twitter that I needed help with a replacement part.  They quickly wrote me back with an email address.  I sent an email to them with all the specifics of my vaccum and need for a replacement part and before long, I was sent a shipment confirmation.  Not only did Dyson find the replacement part for my machine, but they mailed it to me free of charge!

Good customer service is SO important!  Dyson has definitely impressed me – Thank you Dyson for excellent customer service!

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