Enter Giveaways & Win Gifts!


It is only September, but the holidays will be here before you know it!  Are you prepared to purchase or make gifts for friends and family?  The holidays can be pretty expensive, depending on the size of your gift-giving list or the taste of the gift-receivers.  Have you ever considered entering holiday gift guide giveaways? Many bloggers offer them around this time of the year, and they are a great way to win FREE holiday gifts and prizes!  I love entering giveaways.  If I can use the product that I win, that is great.  If I can give it away as a gift, that is even better!  Winning free gifts and prizes saves me money and time.  When you win, the prizes are shipped to you for free so you save money on shipping as well!

Imagine winning even just two giveaways – you now, depending on the size of the gift or prize pack, at least have two gifts.  Most prizes in holiday gift guides are of great value and are usually very expensive.  Some giveaways will offer an actual prize pack that may contain many prizes for one winner.  I have seen giveaway prizes worth over $500 (DSLR cameras, TVs, GO-PROs, and more!) that come with accessories and gift cards as well!  You can really score big in exchange for just a few minutes of your time during the day.  You can find giveaways with daily entries (tweeting about the giveaway, leaving a blog comment, etc.) and that will make your chances of winning even greater!  Make sure you enter as many giveaways as you can over the next few months – you could get your holiday shopping out of the way at no cost to you!

TIP: I like to create a folder in my bookmarks section of my browser with all of the giveaways I am entering so I can quickly go back each day and do the daily entries.  It keeps things organized and makes it easy to keep up with the end dates and winners.

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