Hotel Must-Haves With Kids

Bobby Hotel Pool

This past summer, we went to a basketball tournament with my teenage son’s basketball team and stayed in a hotel in downtown Dallas.  Someone from the team locked down group rates for the parents, so we booked our room.  Once we got there, we realized that this was not the type of hotel that we had hoped for.  As a mom of a young child, we still look for “fun” hotels.  The parents that chose this hotel didn’t have younger children and thought that a hotel in the middle of downtown Dallas would be great for the guys on the basketball team.  These parents were going to allow their teens to walk freely around downtown Dallas while they enjoyed the hotel lounge, restaurant, etc. Since I am not familiar with Dallas, but am aware of things that can happen at night time, I did not want my teen walking the Dallas streets with other teens who were also unfamiliar with the area.

Along with being located in the middle of downtown Dallas, Texas, the only nearby parking this hotel offered was valet.  This kept me from wanting to leave or return back to our room throughout the day because of the valet fees that were adding up.  This hotel was known for their location and lounge, so the rooms were very small.  Staying in a tight fitting room with two energetic boys is not my idea of fun.  We talked to some other team parents and got information on their hotel and happily swapped hotels for the rest of our stay.

Here are a few things that we look for in a hotel:

  • Recreation / pool
  • Large parking lot
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lots of electrical outlets in the room – Of course this isn’t something we can find out until we get checked in, but a family with lots of handheld devices calls for multiple electrical outlets!

What does your family look for when choosing the perfect hotel?

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