It’s Early – Watch Halloween Candy Intake

candy corn

Are you hungry? Is your sweet tooth just begging for something tasty? STOP! DO NOT FALL INTO TEMPTATION AT THE LOCAL GROERY STORE BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE HALLOWEEN CANDY OUT ALREADY! Did I get your attention? Good! Now that the shelves are already filled with Halloween candy, people are more tempted to grab a bag “just because” during their routine grocery shopping trip. Most of this candy will be ‘snack size’ and a lot of us can be guilty of eating more than just a few and justifying it by saying we ate as many pieces that would add up to a regular sized candy bar. That is not okay! We still need to maintain discipline when it comes to this time of year. This is why so many of us have the “lose weight and stay healthy” New Year resolution.

fruit review1

Temptation is everywhere, but we can avoid it. If you want something sweet, eat some fruit! There are enough sugars in fruit to curve your sweet tooth and fill you up until it is time to eat the next meal. I like to spread some peanut butter on apple slices. I also like to make mini fruit salads with apple slices, grapes, pineapple pieces and more. Now, if you are feeling a little naughty, in the spirit of Halloween, you can grab some Reese’s spreads and put some on a sliced up banana. It is really good, and you only feel half guilty since you have a fruit in there! In all seriousness, do not let the candy and seasonal aisle draw you in. Walk right past it if you can, and make some healthier decisions. You will feel better afterward and you will soon get used to skipping that aisle without a second look back. Grab some fruit and take in the natural sugars!

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