Re-Purpose Your Old Socks

My oldest is a sophomore this year and is on the basketball team.  He trains several hours a day and also goes through tons of socks throughout the year.  He is like me and doesn’t like to throw things away, but enough is enough.  It’s time to let go of those socks with the holes in the heels.  Getting rid of those socks makes me feel even better when I can re-purpose them.  I first got this idea at the begginning of the school year when his teacher asked everyone to bring a pack of dry erase markers and an eraser.  She told them that she didn’t expect them to go out and purchase a dry erase marker, that they could just bring in an old sock or cloth rag.

This was the point where it all began!  I cut one of his old socks off at the ankle and sent it to school with him to use as his dry erase board eraser.

sock cover

My son got creative with his dry erase board eraser sock and now stores his colored pencils in it as shown above.  I really liked this idea and looked forward to finding more pairs of those old socks of his to re-purpose around the house.

Repurpose Socks

Above you will see an old sock that I cut in order to use it around his frozen drink for the afternoon.  I was about to wrap a towel around his frozen water bottle to keep it from sweating all over his lunch box when I remembered the socks that I wanted to re-purpose.

Travis Lunch

The Nike sock fit perfectly around his frozen water bottle and did the trick at keeping the sweat off the rest of his food throughout the day.

Juice Sock lunch

Here’s my newest “old sock re-purposing idea for the day.”  My son’s drinks never stay very cold, so today I slipped the ice pack in the sock right along with the apple juice so both will stay in contact until lunch time.

What other ideas do you have for re-purposing old socks around the house?

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