Some Cats NEED and DEMAND Attention

Baby on chair

My friend has a cat that can’t stand it when she is on the phone or if she is on the computer too long–and she really let’s her know it in no uncertain terms! These are a few of the ways her cat lets her know that she has had enough. I have been on the phone with my friend when suddenly she is informing her cat  that “NO-don’t you dare tip that drink over” or “Get those paws off the computer–you know better” or “If you knock that pen off the desk one more time I am going to hit your backside and you know you don’t like that!” Then she continues discussing whatever we were talking about.


I once asked her what else her cat does to get her attention–she sent me a list.

1-  She knocks things to the floor and if from a different room then makes sure it makes a LOUD bang.
2-  She cleans out her own litter box making sure I can hear her tipping it over. That gets my friends attention real quick!
3-  She used to knock over the computer until I laid it down flat to wake me up.
4-  She used to bang a large picture against my wall until I took it down (her neighbor started to complain!)
5-  She gently moves her whickers on my cheek to wake me up (no more loud noises she can make anymore-she still looks up sadly to
where the picture used to hang.
6-  She gently nips my ankle or holds on to my lower leg if I happen to be doing something she is not happy about.

Cartoon Tazmanian Devil (1)

To say this cat loves attention is the understatement of the year, BUT she says she loves her anyway and even though they have their moments–she wouldn’t give up her little darling for anything!!!

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