Tips For Your Best “Glamping” Trip Ever


If you’re an Outdoor Traveler in Virginia who follows a lot of traveling blogs and Instagram accounts, you might have seen a lot of recent posts and hashtags referring to “glamping.”  Glamping is basically a portmanteau term that combines “glamorous” with “camping.”  Glamping is referring to camping where the things you bring for the trip are stylish yet functional.  Basically, a camping trip where the pictures you take are worthy of Instagram.

If you want to have the best glamping trip ever, follow these tips:

Pack The Right Outfits

The cornerstone to any glamping trip is bringing outfits that are stylish and will look awesome in photos.  However, you don’t want to sacrifice function for style.  Instead, find ensembles that will keep you warm and allow you to hike but that are still trendy.  Cute jeans or shorts are great for roughing it.  Layer a flannel over a fitted tee or a tank top for an outfit that will keep you cozy outdoors.  As for footwear, a pair of cute hiking boots or sneakers are perfect.

Glam Up Your Equipment

Plenty of outdoor stores are noticing that girly girls love camping, hiking and outdoor activities just as much as tomboys do.  When shopping for equipment, look for feminine designs in fun colors.  Or you can always do it yourself.  There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to customize your camping equipment with spray paint, glitter and other supplies from the craft store.  These glamping projects are great, as they leave you with a functional tool that is also incredibly cute, girly and photogenic.

Find A Scenic Spot

The cornerstone to any glamping trip is beautiful scenery.  Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your campsite.  Many companies advertise campsites that are not much more than dirt lots less than a mile from the highway.  Do your homework and find a campsite that is truly deep within nature, preferably near a body of water.  You’ll need this scenery when you’re taking all of your Instagram pics.

Glamp Safe

Safety should be the main priority of any camper or glamper.  Never embark on a camping trip without a working cell phone, a first aid kit and a compass. Always know what sort of wild animals are in the area and prepare accordingly.  If you think that a campground might be too rugged and off the beaten path for your group, don’t book a spot there.  If you’re a novice camper, start at a campground where you know a lot of people will be nearby or rent a cabin instead. This allows you to get the glamping experience without having to completely “rough it.”

It’s fun to put a new and stylish twist on a concept as old as camping.  Hopefully, the glamping trend will ensure many people who’ve balked at the idea of sleeping outside in the past to finally give camping a try.  There’s no better feeling in the world than taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and getting reacquainted with the great outdoors.  Your glamping trip will be a time for you to unwind, bond with your friends and family and, most importantly, take some truly stylish and gorgeous photographs of your amazing trip.

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