You Can Stay Energized Throughout The Day


Not an energetic person?  You could be!  Here are some tips to help you acclimate to mornings a little better, which will result in you having more energy throughout the day:

  • Do not hit the snooze button!  Hitting the snooze button makes it even harder to get up.  You end up falling back asleep, pretty quickly, but five minutes later you are woken up again which will result in grogginess and irritation.  That is not a good way to start the day.  It will drain your energy faster than running a marathon!
  • Start drinking water as soon as you wake up.  If you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, your body is already getting energized and prepared for the day.  Try keeping a glass of water or a water bottle next to your bed so you can start drinking it right away.  I personally start my mornings off with a Mango Strawberry Spark Mental Focus drink.  Click “Bobbie’s morning routine” to see how I start each morning off.
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.  Sugary cereals are so good and so satisfying in the mornings, but they do not keep you going throughout the day.  You want to eat a combination of foods that will keep your blood sugar at bay and leveled all day.  Try some eggs, toast and fruitor how about a protein bar or a meal replacement shake?
  • Fit in a short workout before getting ready for the day.  Exercising in the morning will boost your senses and will keep you energized and on top of your game all day long!  You are also more likely to burn more calories during the day after a morning workout.  It will also boost your metabolism.
  • Get some fresh air.  If you get a break during the day, take a walk around your office building or up and down your driveway for a few minutes.  Fresh air is so much better than feeling stuck in a stuffy office corner!

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 What do you do to stay energized during the day?

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