7 Things your Mattress Wants You to Know


Your mattress is a part of furniture on which you spend most of your time so this purchase is much more important than wardrobe, table or chest of drawers.  There are 7 things you should know before buying a mattress.  You will be astonished to find out what secrets may lie under your mattress.

                1) As ISO (International Organization for Standardization) reports that a lot of mattresses have toxic chemicals, some of which prevent you from dust mites, others are included by manufacturers so that their mattresses could pass the flame test.  Such chemicals can really save your mattress from burning.  Though some mattresses consist of several components some of which are put together with the help of toxic glue.  However, should natural mattresses contain any chemicals?  The answer is, certainly, no!

                2) Some manufacturers claim their mattresses are made of wool.  Be aware that wool is an expensive material; its cheaper substitute is Dacron.  So if a wool mattress is what you are looking for be ready to pay more and choose only trusted manufacturers.

                3) Sometimes conventional mattresses do not last long because of low quality fillers.  To make them soft mattress producing companies use toxic substances.  However, on leesa mattress you will sleep with comfort as it is made of only organic materials and provides you with necessary support and softness to the right extent.  All mattresses pass the flame test and natural wool is certified.  Such mattresses have long warranty and while resting on them you don’t need to worry about anything!

                4) Go to various shops and ask salespersons to allow you to lie on a mattress you are considering to buy. T his simple test will make you understand whether you feel comfortable on it or not.  As The World Medical Association says not every person needs a firm mattress for his back.  There also are mattresses with different levels of firmness on each side for those couples in which partners do not have the same firmness preferences.

                5) Warranty is not as important as it seems to be.  Don’t believe if a company gives 25 years of warranty as standard life span for a mattress is 10 years.  Look for the stores that give sleep guarantee.  It means that usually during 30 (more rarely 90) days you sleep on your mattress and decide if it suits you or not.  And if not, you can get a refund or exchange it for another one.

                6) Your number one consideration is comfort so don’t stuff your head with all these terms concerning mattresses since different manufacturers may mean absolutely different things under the same terms and this will only make you puzzled.

                7) Think what budget you are ready to spend on your mattress.  Prices may vary a lot so buy the best mattress you can afford.  Though don’t base your purchase only on price because you get what you pay for anyway.

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/recompose/

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