Apple Batter-Up by Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Apple Butter Up

We got a suprise in the mail this week!  A small package arrived in the mailbox and inside we found the items above.  I had reviewed “Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go To The Mall” by Cheryl McNeil Fisher and she kindly dropped another one of her children’s books in the mail to me.  Cheryl McNeil Fisher also offers books on Amazon.

inside Apple Batter Up

Here’s an example of one of the pages from this book.  The artwork is nice and the easy reading will make  young readers proud of themselves for being able to read a chapter book.  Cheryl’s books can be seen on her website at

Apple Butter Book

Here’s a shot of the front of this book.  The photo is sure to attract young girls.  After my son and I read this book together, we’re going to donate it to his school classroom.

My son had trouble learning to read and write until his school finally administred the right test to him that confirmed that he had dyslexia. Since then, he has been placed in a dsylexia program and he is now right on track with his reading.  He is currently in the third grade and now reading on third grade reading level.  He now likes to write in his journal and writes  even more than the required journal entry length assigned by his teacher. We are very proud of him and his determination to continue working to improve his reading and writing skills.

His teacher just sent home a password for him to use for an audiobook app called Learning Ally.  Bobby has to read nightly and his teacher says that he can use this audio book app to help him stay ahead on his reaing log. This app even works with many textbooks.  We’re going to test out the app this week.  I think it’s a great tool and will be very useful once it’s time for book report assignments.  Bobby will be able to use this app all the way through his highschool years which will really be a big help as the reading assignments grow larger and larger.

Thank you Cheryl McNeil Fisher for your generosity!


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