Apple Tree Craft

Do you have a young child at home who loves arts and crafts?  Teach them how to make apple trees!  This is such a simple craft that requires barely any materials but your kids will love making them!  Please note that scissors are required for this craft, so use your discretion on what you will allow your child to do on their own.


You will need:

  • Green tissue paper
  • A red marker
  • Empty toilet paper tubes (or paper towel tubes if you want a tall tree)
  • A pair of scissors

Grab your tissue paper and red marker and start drawing your red dots (A.K.A. apples) all over.  I would recommend putting something under the tissue paper since the marker might leak through.  You could use a big stack of old newspapers or a magazine.  That should catch the ink so it doesn’t ruin your chosen surface.

Next, cut some slits on one end of your empty cardboard tube and bend them out backwards to create some branches.  You will want to do this all around one end.

If your tissue paper is dry, crumple it up (gently) to make it look like a treetop.  Make sure your apples are still visible!

Take your treetop and tuck it in to the cardboard tube on your branches.  You can use something to secure the treetop on to the cardboard tube, such as glue, but it is not necessary.

toilet paper roll tree2

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That completes the craft!  Simple and quick but fun for you and your child!  You can take it a little further and create a background setting on a blank piece of paper and place your apple trees on it.  You could create a park or a back yard or a farm – the possibilities are endless when you use your imagination!  Have fun!  If you make this craft, send us a picture!

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