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In the 21st century cell phones play an important role in daily lives.  This is due to the fact they are also smartphones and tablets.  In essence, they are automated assistants that are available at a moment’s notice.  Apps are the reason these electronic gurus are so popular.  There are tons of app categories based on the needs and preferences of users.

It does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android device, there are apps waiting to be downloaded.  The convenience of going to the Google or Apple Store searching and adding them to the device makes life easier.  Here is a list of the top three apps for each type of operating system along with three that works with both.

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iPhone / iPad Apps

CookWizMe will come to the rescue when you are pressed for time and need a meal idea for dinner.  It will track previous dishes based on how you ranked them as well as offer new menus daily.  It provides ingredients along with preparation steps.

Klok for adults and a kid’s version will take time management to the next level.  Parents and children can get a real-time snapshot of their day, week, and monthly schedule commitments.  This app is also an awesome tool for juggling the work-life balance challenge.

Schoola is an app for saving money on adult and children apparel as well as a tool for raising funds for schools across the country.  Factor in the ability to use Apple Pay and convenience is in high gear.

Android Apps

MamaBear Family Safety is an app that tracks and alerts users of a family member’s location.  In addition, it sends messages and monitors social media usage.  This is better than any babysitter for parents on the go.

ShopSavvy Scanner will scan bar codes of items on shopping lists followed by showing on-line or brick and mortar retailers that have the lowest price.  Items at home can also be scanned during the list making process.

Groupon is the extra money in your pocket app.  Access to substantial savings is available with this download.  If there is a coupon out there for an item it will be listed on this app.


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Apps for both

This discussion would not be complete without three hot apps that work on both types of devices.

Nike Training Club is an app from the premier athletic icon with world-class trainers and celebrity guests.  Maria Sharapova will take you through the paces as she whips you into shape.  This is motivation mixed with reality television on a smartphone.

Mint is another powerhouse app that will keep the checkbook and savings accounts in order.  The color coded dashboard will direct users to the pertinent information for quick decision making or planning for long term.  The rest of the story for this app includes the ability to pay bills, track credit cards, loans, credit bureau scores, and more.

Evernote does more than take notes.  It is the word processor that scans and stores articles, plugs users into collaborative conversations, and puts together finished presentations.

Just like any software, apps will take up space on your device.  Users have to be strategic when deciding which app to choose.  Syncing to a cloud where more storage is available is the latest feature for all apps.  This is a caveat to help manage device space issues.

Trying out an app that interests you is an option.  If it is not what you thought, you can always remove it and look for another one.  The bottom line is once you find the perfect fit, the next step becomes time savings.

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