Basketball Themed Desk Was A Success!

old desk

I bought this old desk on a local resale website for $35.  As our realtor would say, it had “good bones.”   My youngest has been asking for a study desk and doesn’t have much extra room for a desk and this one fit perfectly.    It was real wood, but needed repainted and some knobs that were more suitable for a nine year old boy.  I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with this $35 desk.  If he grew tired of it and didn’t use it, then I could always resell it.

Bobbie painting desk

As soon as we got home from picking this desk up, my son and I started working on it.  We took all the drawers out, removed all the knobs and cleaned off the desk before I started painting.  It took several coats of paint to cover this desk.  I worked on it off and on all day from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 pm.  I was so proud of this desk and couldn’t wait to get it set up in his room.

He really likes basketball so we looked on Amazon and found some cool basketball knobs for his desk.  I wouldn’t recommend these knobs for a teenager, but for a nine year old, they are perfect!  The basketball knobs are basically round plastic basketballs and very reasonably priced.  We bought a package of ten of these basketball knobs which we used on his desk and also on his tv stand.


Finally, you can see the finished product below.  It’s a cool desk for Bobby and cost me a lot less than a brand new desk would have.  I already had the paint, so I was only out the $35 for the desk, the $15 we spent on the basketball knobs and an afternoon worth of labor.

Bobby's Desk

Bobby likes his desk and now runs through his homework much quicker now that he has a study area in his room. I especially like his salt lamp.  We got that a few years ago as a review product, then I loved them so much that I bought more for gifts and for other rooms in our home.


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