Choosing The Perfect Door

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Above you can see the new front door that we had installed this past month.

When you own a home, you will eventually need to replace some or all of your doors.   Like anything else, they will wear out over time.  This is especially true for doors that are used very frequently over a long period of time.  When you finally make the decision to replace them, you will then be tasked with finding an adequate replacement door. How do you choose the perfect one for you?  With so many varieties available on the market these days, the choice can seem to be a bit overwhelming.  Here are some tips you can use regarding how to buy the right door.

1. Where will the door be located?

This is an important factor because exterior doors are subjected to all sorts of harsh weather; therefore, they must be much stronger than interior doors.  If you buy a door made for the interior just because it is cheaper and install it on the exterior of your home, you will find out very quickly that you made a serious mistake.  If you are looking for an interior door, there are a wide range of interior door styles that can be purchased from places like ETO Doors.  You can take a look at their inventory if you visit

2. What is the purpose of the door?

This may seem like an obvious question: however, doors can have a greater purpose than simply creating a barrier between two rooms or between a hallway and a room.  In some cases, a door can be used for security purposes.  If you have a room in your house where you keep many valuable items, it would be wise to buy a steel door for that room so it will be more secure.  Many standard interior doors are light and hollow.  This is hardly the type that will keep out a criminal who is determined to steal your valuables.  You must decide if the door is there for appearance or security and make your decision based on these facts.

3. What material will your door be made from?

When it comes to wooden doors, there is a practically an endless amount of varieties. Some are much more heavy and expensive than others. Therefore, your budget will be a huge factor in determining which ones meet your needs. If you are going to have a wood exterior door, it should be very thick and strong.  You should also avoid having windows in it because they present a security risk.

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