Eye Surgery Calls For Audio Books

Just imagine you had to have eye surgery for say a detached retina and they told you to recover you had to keep your head in a down position for several weeks! Yikes! This type of surgery is called Vitrectomy Surgery. If you click the link you will find out more about it.

There is a chair that people can rent to make life a bit easier. It can be fit with a mirror so the person can watch TV, be in the same room as the rest of the family and possibly even play games.

I do know someone who is going to be facing this type of surgery and she is an avid reader. Now it only makes sense not to use your eyes too much for a while at least–but to not to be able to read will be the hardest part for her. This is where audio books really would help out tremendously!

But what type of equipment do you need to listen to audio books. I googled and found this article which tells you all the different ways you can listen. It turns out if you have a computer, a CD player or a couple of other devices-you are set to go. The article has links for you to learn where to get audio books and some other necessary information.

Hopefully none of you will ever need to keep your heads in a down position-but in reality there are a lot of other reasons to listen to instead of reading a book, which if you think about I am sure you will realize which ones!

This is NOT medical information–always check with your doctor if you are having symptoms-only he/she can tell you what is wrong and what you can or cannot do!

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