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Do you take your vitamins on a regular basis?  Is taking your daily vitamins something that you don’t really look forward to?  Earlier this week I was talking to someone about their vitamins and how they wanted to make this a part of their everyday routine, but sadly they didn’t always remember to take them.  I suggested that they try a different kind of vitamins once those were gone in hopes of finding one that they enjoyed taking.  As an Advocare Advisor, I have tried many of the chewable vitamins and have found a few that my family really likes.  As a mom, it makes life much easier having chewable vitamins that my picky eater enjoys, rather than having to reason with him each morning on this subject.

Advocare Chews

Above you’ll see our family favorites.  For me, it’s the CitriZinc vitamin chews.  They support your immune system and taste similar to lemon-lime Starburst candy.   They contain vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D.  The CitriZinc vitamin chews come in a bag of 60 chews and one to two chews can be taken daily.

As far as the kids go, they really enjoy the taste of the V100 Tropical Chews.  They contain the daily value of 16 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Each child eats their V100 Tropical chew multivitamins each morning without a fuss which makes our mornings so much smoother.  The V100 Tropical chews come in a bag of 60 chews, which will last one person approximately 30 days.

Do your family members take vitamins on a regular basis?  Do you prefer chewables or capsules?

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