Gymnastics Isn’t Just For Girls

gymnastics backbend

There is a stigma with gymnastics.  Most people think it is only for girls; however, there are many benefits for boys in gymnastics as well.  Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle sports available to children because it incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, speed, discipline, etc.

Gymnastics teaches children how hard work and dedication pays off.  These positive experiences can build confidence through achievement and shows that commitment to sports benefits them.  Everything that you learn in gymnastics, such as the skills mentioned above (strength, balance, speed, etc.) all comes in handy when playing sports.  For example, my sons play basketball.  When you are a basketball player, you need strength and balance, flexibility and speed and discipline.  You are constantly moving across the court (strength), running (speed), having to aim and shoot (balance), and you need to know when to back off from other players and just focus on the team goal (discipline).

basketball camp Bobby

Being strong means having good muscle tone, endurance, and power.  Gymnasts get stronger through regular training, and that aids in the development of lean, toned muscles, balance, and better posture.  As you can see, gymnastics is so important when it comes to preparing for sports when your children are older!

I like to think of gymnastics as pre-kindergarten and sports as kindergarten.  Pre-K is not a requirement, but it is a great way to prepare for kindergarten.  Gymnastics are not a pre-requisite to sports, but they are a great way to prepare for them.  When you gain these skills, they will make you a better athlete.  That does NOT mean that if you do not do gymnastics that you will not be a star athlete.  It just means you will be a better YOU, and that will aid in your skills as an athlete.  Please do not think that gymnastics are only for girls!  Boys can participate as well – the benefits are endless for BOTH girls and boys!  Do you have children in gymnastics?

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