Halloween Infographic – Where Do You Fall?

Have fun with the following Halloween infographic.  My family and I enjoyed going through each section together.  We knew tons of candy was bought each year, but we had no idea how much money was spent on everything that comes along with Halloween.  Our kids dress up for Halloween, but we usually pull together a Halloween costume from wht we have at home.  There’s really no costume inspiration here, other than the creative ideas from the kids.  My youngest always wants a “cool” costume and my youngest wants a costume that won’t make him too hot that he could wear while handing out candy.  He wants to be scary, but then again, he doesn’t want to scare young trick-or-treators.

As far as decorating the yard, we love to do it.  The kids love to come home from school to a decorated yard.  The only new Halloween decorations we purchased this year was 3 bags of spider webs for the front yard and I bought two things for our mantle.  We’ve bought things over the years and store them carefully each year.

Sometimes we carve Jack-O-Lanterns but this year the kids have already said they’d rather not do that this year.  As far as costume parties, we don’t attend those and haunted houses have never been my thing.  It’s so hot in Texas, that bonfires aren’t on our mind yet and no one is a fan of horror movies.  We would rather watch the cartoon or Disney style of scary movies at our house.  So many bad things happen in the world now, why give “bad duys” more horrible torture ideas?

This infographic also points out the 3/4 of all candy corn sales occurs at Halloween.  Our household definitely falls into that category.  We’ve had tons of candy corn since October hit just because it’s “candy corn season.”

Run through the infographic and see where your family falls.  This infographic is one of my favorites by far – Happy Halloween!


Halloween Infographic
Courtesy of: USSelfStorage.com
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