Infographic: Guide To Childhood Asthma

Check out the parent’s guide infographic shown below.  Were you aware how many children and teens in the United States live with asthma?  It is so sad to think of how many children die each year from asthma.  Did you ever think of how many days of school were missed due to asthma.

If you know someone with asthma, it’s a great idea to increase your “asthma I.Q.” and learn how asthma can be triggered.  We were at a basketball tournament several hours away from home and one of the players on the court began to have a hard time breathing.  He was escourted to his seat where he told the coach about his inhaler.  Of course, his mother wasn’t at the tournament and he didn’t pack his inhaler with him, so we were all very worried about him.  Another family member was with him and took care of him, but it was still a scary situation for the team.  Hopefully this player will start carrying a spare inhaler with him when he is away from his house.  Asthma can be a very scary thing, especially when it happens to a child and you do not know what to do.  Be sure to have a look at the infographic below.  It is a great way to familiarize yourself with asthma and the effects it can have on people.


The full size infographic can be seen on the FilterBuy website.  Asthma is real, do others a favor and educate yourself about it.  You never know when your knowledge about asthma will be needed in a situation.

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