It’s October!

school pumpkins

It’s October, can you believe it?  It feels like just the other day we were starting back to school and now it’s time to think about Halloween crafts, school treats and Halloween costumes.  I snapped the pic above as I was walking in front of my son’s school today.  I love how they arranged the pumpkins in their flower pots.  My 9 year old can’t wait to decorate for Halloween, so when he gets home from school today, we’re going to line our outside bushes with spooky spider webs.  We bought the spider webs a few weeks ago and have been waiting for October 1 so that we could put them up.

We also have a lot of indoor decorations that I need to pull out.  This year I want to go through our decorations and get rid of the ones that are outdated, broken, non-working, etc.  Now that my youngest is older, I’d rather have more spooky decor in my house than all the cute Halloween decor that we have had in the years past.  TJ Max is a great place to find Halloween decor.  My son and I have been going by there a few times each week to catch all the new items coming into the store.  He is so excited about Halloween this year.

As far as carving pumpkins goes, he has told me that he doesn’t want to carve them this year, so maybe we’ll each paint one instead.

The heat in Texas keeps us from enjoying outside pumpkins for long periods of time. How do you create your Halloween pumpkins?  Do you use real pumpkins or craft pumpkins?

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